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Dental Staffing Service Areas

Dental offices gain access to high-quality professionals, on-demand, while dental professionals enjoy the flexibility to select work that aligns with their preferred locations and schedules.

Areas we Serve

Toothio provides unparalleled access to Dental Staffing near you. Our network spans across major regions of the country – with an established presence in the following cities:

Roles We Fill

Practices gain access to high-quality professionals, while dental staff can choose work that fits their schedules.

Dental Hygienist

Our dental staffing agency provides highly skilled dental hygienists who ensure patients receive thorough and compassionate care.
  • Conduct thorough cleanings and preventive dental care
  • Educate patients on oral hygiene and health
  • Assist in identifying and treating periodontal diseases
  • Work collaboratively with dentists to provide exceptional patient care

Dental Assistant

Find dental assistants that are fully trained to support dentists and provide exceptional patient care, ensuring efficient practice operations.
  • Assist dentists during procedures and exams
  • Prepare and sterilize instruments and equipment
  • Take and process dental X-rays
  • Provide patients with pre- and post-operative care instructions


We connect practices with professional receptionists who ensure the smooth operation of your front office.
  • Greet and check-in patients with a friendly and professional demeanor
  • Manage appointment scheduling and patient records
  • Handle billing, insurance claims, and payments efficiently
  • Maintain effective communication between patients and dental staff

Toothio Difference

Set Your Rates, Cut Overhead Costs, and Get Access to Vetted Professionals On-Demand, all through our efficient dental staffing agency app.

Better Professionals

  • Personal vetting of professionals
  • Ensures high professionalism and quality
  • Cutting-edge matching algorithm
  • Best professionals receive work

High Fill Rate

  • In-house matching algorithm for perfect match
  • Considers posting details and professional profiles
  • 90% of postings filled within 24 hours
  • Easy to use platform to post shifts

All Administrative Handled

  • Eliminates W2 overhead costs ($915 – $1,747/month)
  • Toothio handles payment, taxes, compliance
  • Empowers practices with control over rates
  • Custom pool of professionals for future shifts

Dedicated Account Manager

  • Dedicated account manager for each practice
  • Support available for immediate assistance
  • Team committed to practice’s success
  • Ensures the best professionals are provided

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you match professionals with practices in different locations?

We utilize advanced matching algorithms and extensive networks to connect professionals with practices based on their skills, preferences, and location availability.

Can I choose the locations where I want to work?

Yes, as a hygienist, assistant, or receptionist, you have the flexibility to select the locations where you prefer to work based on your availability and preferences.

What types of dental professionals do you work with?

We work with hygienists, receptionists, and assistants; all fully qualified and vetted, ensuring that practices get high-quality staff on-demand.

How do practices benefit from your services?

Practices benefit from our services by gaining access to a pool of highly qualified professionals, ensuring seamless operations and high-quality patient care. Learn more about the many benefits of our staffing agency in our blog.

Is there a minimum commitment required for professionals?

What are the qualifications and experience of the professionals you provide?

We carefully vet all professionals in our network to ensure they meet our standards for qualifications, experience, and professionalism.

How do I get started as a professional looking for opportunities?

Simply sign up on our platform, create a profile detailing your skills and preferences, and schedule your one-on-one orientation. You will then be notified when shifts aligning with your criteria become available, and you can begin picking up temp jobs right away.

What sets your dental staffing agency apart from others?

We differentiate ourselves through our personalized matching process, commitment to quality, and dedication to providing both professionals and practices with exceptional service and support.

How and when do professionals get paid for their shifts?

Professionals are paid immediately after the completion of their shifts, on the same day, ensuring timely compensation for their work.


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